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Melissa & Blair

Hi there. We're Melissa and Blair, and we are proud cotton candy connoisseurs. We're also working professionals, mothers, wives, community members, women empowerers, and proud Montanans. 

Posh Floss was born out of our desire to infuse a past time favorite with adult sophistication. We set out to create moments for our friends and families to reminisce on childhood memories like the nights spent running with friends from ride to ride at the local county fair, or eating sticky cotton candy at the farmers market. 

It was those moments in our own lives that inspired us to create Posh Floss a gourmet cotton candy company with better flavors, richer texture, and healthier options. 

We believe that cotton candy is nostalgia on a stick (or tub, or affixed on a champagne flute). It's paying homage to our childhoods at life's most significant events-- Birthdays, corporate parties, weddings, gender reveals, and more. 

We also believe that parties can happen anywhere at any time. Around the table with your girlfriends, game night with your children, or date night with your spouse. 

We look forward to creating a one of a kind experience for you. 

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